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SANAYA Jewelry is a fashionable French jewelry brand available online that allows customers to enjoy premium quality items and personalized customer service without leaving their homes. 


Refined and delicate our creations will accompany you and sublimate your outfits whether chic or casual.

The inspiration is drawn from the trends of the moment and the trips that I have been able to make (in the Maghreb and in Asia in particular).

This melting pot takes shape in a collection with a bohemian and chic style.


All of our jewelry is handmade and made of stainless steel, so it's durable and won't rust when in contact with water.


We offer different necklaces and bracelets with a budget accessible to all, in order to sublimate you every day, and for every occasion.

Take a look and start shopping today.

Where does the name of this jewelry brand come from?

In my family we are 3 children. I am the eldest SArah, then there is my sister NAwel and finally my brother YAssine.

By pasting the first syllables of our first names, this gives SANAYA .


Nice name, isn't it?


And for even more adventures!

Do not hesitate to follow me on my social networks like Instagram @sanaya_jewelry and Tiktok @sanayajewelry to see behind the scenes between my life as a student and my life as a micro-entrepreneur.

Thank you for what you sent !

SANAYA Jewelry

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